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#inktober2019 Day 4 Mr. Freeze from DC Comics Sketch

Mr. Freeze is back for #inktober sketch no. 4!

This made my day! I had a great stream on twitch and the prompt was screaming for a Mr. Freeze sketch!

I knew i only had roughly 2 hours for this so i decided to go all digital. Since i was on my pc i used Clip Studio paint. Using multiple drawing softwares starts to take a toll. I had to look up some funtions again. Still, using a ruler and basically starting out drawing one half made it possible to do this sketch quickly.

I will use this sketch and color it the right way later to have a really nice piece for my collection!

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A BatCat work in progress

I´ve been working on this sketch since Batman day. Yup, I know, I’m not quite far for that time. Been doing 2 streams on Twitch while doing it. The first was all pencils which usually suck up the most time. The reason while I usually have the pencils already prepared.

The second was about inking where i corrected some small stuff. The next step will be to finish the inks. That´s when i finish the buildings in the backdrop and add light effects. Right now we don´t really have shadows in this piece so i still can decide how i want the light to be.