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Going crazy with Sketchbook pro! The Joker WIP

When working digital my weapon of choice usually is Clip Studio Paint.

But i recently thought i should dig deeper into Sketchbook Pro since i have it already installed and i really like the fact that i also have it across all of my platforms.

The recent Joker trailer got me very excited for the movie and i wanted to try some color in Sketchbook pro anyway so i went with this. It´s still a work in progress but i hope i have a chance to finish this piece within the next few days!

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Experimenting with some Ink! #Inktober is just around the corner!

Since i want to get better with Ink and especially inkwashes i figured i might as well start now.

Need to make sure i get some nice projects done in the coming Inktober challenge!

If you haven´t yet go and check out #inktober and Jake Parker here!

Also let me know what you think about this piece! The Theme was “Space”

Done with Rapidograph India Ink, some brushes and white out. I didn´t plan on this one. I just wet the paper and dropped some ink in it to let it flow and went from there.