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A BatCat work in progress

I´ve been working on this sketch since Batman day. Yup, I know, I’m not quite far for that time. Been doing 2 streams on Twitch while doing it. The first was all pencils which usually suck up the most time. The reason while I usually have the pencils already prepared.

The second was about inking where i corrected some small stuff. The next step will be to finish the inks. That´s when i finish the buildings in the backdrop and add light effects. Right now we don´t really have shadows in this piece so i still can decide how i want the light to be.

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And another Joker W.I.P ( Work in progress)

I steady fall for this character it seems!

Since there is another contest for this Joker movie i decided to switch up my concept.

I´m actually trying to “paint” in this one, instead of creating line art that gets colored afterward. I´m pretty positive about this piece so far.

So, i´m going back to work now! I will even stream it on so check it out if you like!

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Going crazy with Sketchbook pro! The Joker WIP

When working digital my weapon of choice usually is Clip Studio Paint.

But i recently thought i should dig deeper into Sketchbook Pro since i have it already installed and i really like the fact that i also have it across all of my platforms.

The recent Joker trailer got me very excited for the movie and i wanted to try some color in Sketchbook pro anyway so i went with this. It´s still a work in progress but i hope i have a chance to finish this piece within the next few days!