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Banana Joe digital OC commission

A recent commission that was definitely different from my usual drawing!

This was a lot of fun! I was asked to create this original character for a pen and paper game. The specifications were simple. Half Man half Banana.

I wasn´t sure which direction to go so I just looked at a couple of different Bananas and started to sketch away. The curved form made me think I really should use a more easy body language. From there it just grew to this. A few little extras for characterization and it was finished.

Done in Clip Studio Paint on my Huion Kamvas pro 13.

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A BatCat work in progress

I´ve been working on this sketch since Batman day. Yup, I know, I’m not quite far for that time. Been doing 2 streams on Twitch while doing it. The first was all pencils which usually suck up the most time. The reason while I usually have the pencils already prepared.

The second was about inking where i corrected some small stuff. The next step will be to finish the inks. That´s when i finish the buildings in the backdrop and add light effects. Right now we don´t really have shadows in this piece so i still can decide how i want the light to be.

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Joker Movie Contest! My final Submission for Talenthouse

Talenthouse was doing another Contest sponsored by Warner where artists where encouraged to create static artwork for the Joker movie!

As you could see on my WIP image here i was going for an Oil paint look but still worked digital in Clip Studio Paint using my Huion Kamvas Pro 13 tablet.

Talenthouse is doing a lot of these contests so if you´re interestet you should check out their website and register.

If you know me just a little bit it ain´t hard to tell that the several incarnations of the Joker have always fascinated me. So when i saw this contest it was done deal to make something happen! I intended to create 3 or even 4 pieces but this painting swallowed a lot of time and i was also pretty busy with work and family so i just put everything in this piece alone.

Can´t wait to finally see Joaquin Phoenix in Todd Phillips Joker movie on October 4th!

Joker Movie Fanart Poster
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And another Joker W.I.P ( Work in progress)

I steady fall for this character it seems!

Since there is another contest for this Joker movie i decided to switch up my concept.

I´m actually trying to “paint” in this one, instead of creating line art that gets colored afterward. I´m pretty positive about this piece so far.

So, i´m going back to work now! I will even stream it on so check it out if you like!

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Batman wird 80! Zu Gast bei Panini Comics TV!

Der Batman Tag steht bevor und es ist Batmans 80. Geburtstag!

Da ich neben dem Zeichnen auch mit an einen Blog mit dem Schwerpunkt DC Comics arbeite, war ich bei Panini Comics zu Gast und habe mit Steffen über Batmans 80. Geburtstag gesprochen.

Netterweise wurde das Thema auch kurz auf meine Zeichnungen gebracht. Dafür ein dickes Danke!

Abonniert doch den Kanal von Panini auf Youtube. Steffen hat immer wieder mal echte Größen der Comicszene zu Gast und ist einfach ein wirklich cooler Dude!

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Going crazy with Sketchbook pro! The Joker WIP

When working digital my weapon of choice usually is Clip Studio Paint.

But i recently thought i should dig deeper into Sketchbook Pro since i have it already installed and i really like the fact that i also have it across all of my platforms.

The recent Joker trailer got me very excited for the movie and i wanted to try some color in Sketchbook pro anyway so i went with this. It´s still a work in progress but i hope i have a chance to finish this piece within the next few days!

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Experimenting with some Ink! #Inktober is just around the corner!

Since i want to get better with Ink and especially inkwashes i figured i might as well start now.

Need to make sure i get some nice projects done in the coming Inktober challenge!

If you haven´t yet go and check out #inktober and Jake Parker here!

Also let me know what you think about this piece! The Theme was “Space”

Done with Rapidograph India Ink, some brushes and white out. I didn´t plan on this one. I just wet the paper and dropped some ink in it to let it flow and went from there.